Emotional Baby, So cute!!!!!

November 5, 2013

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Emotional Baby, So Cute!!!

November 5, 2013

Six Secrets for a Long Healthy Relationship

July 22, 2013

We live in a time when people change relationships more often than they change hairstyles. Some people would call them disposable. Easy come. Easy go. But, what happens, when you think you’ve found the one. You know, the one they wrote epic poems about long ago. The one that makes every other relationship pale by comparison — at least as far as your relationship experiences are concerned. How do you hold on to this special relationship while so many other couples are unable to make it work?

The key word here is work. You have to work at making relationships last. Fortunately for you, these six secrets for relationship success don’t always feel like the hard work they are.th (8)

1) Communicate. You have to communicate effectively with each other. That doesn’t simply mean you have to talk to each other. You have to also understand each other and be on the same page about many things in your relationships and in the lives you build together.

2) Connect. The physical connection between couples is vital to relationship longevity. It goes beyond what takes place in the bedroom however. You really do need the connection of human touch to help solidify your bond. Cuddle together on the couch, hold hands in the theater, and hug each other as often as possible. The more you touch, in a genuine and affectionate manner, generally speaking, the happier you are together.

3) Find common ground. Every relationship needs a little common ground. These are the areas where the two of you have shared convictions. Sometimes these convictions are based on morals or religion. Other times they’re related to causes or politics. Whatever your shared convictions may be, it’s a wise plan to cultivate that common ground and grow together.

4) Shared interests. This is a little different than common ground. Your interests don’t have to be on the same scale. However, if you both love the ocean you might find that buying a sailboat, for instance, is a great way to feed the love of sailing the open seas for one while feeding the love of water and sunshine for the other. You both love the ocean and sailing gives you an opportunity to enjoy the thing you both love together.

5) Companionship. You must spend time together if your relationship is going to work. Otherwise there really isn’t a relationship to cultivate. Time is critical. Finding positive ways to spend your time together, even in troubling times, is a great way to build a stronger relationship together — especially if you’re both committed to the cause of making your relationship last.

6) Time apart. While it’s important to spend time as a couple in order to cultivate and grow the relationship, it’s also important to enjoy a little time outside of your partner’s company. You both need friends on the side for blowing off steam, wise counsel, and a little break from the intensity of the relationship.

These six secrets may not look like all that much on a piece of paper, but over the years, they will all make a huge difference in the strength and resilience of your relationship together. Keep them in mind at all times for best results.

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Three Reasons It’s Highly Effective To Get Your Ex Back by Going “No Contact”

July 22, 2013


Depending on how long you’ve been trying to get your ex back, or how many times you’ve tried and failed already, you’ve probably heard people talking about giving up the concerted efforts you’ve been making and going “no contact” with your ex.

At first glance that seems like a crazy plan! Right? The idea that you would be able to get your ex back by not trying to get her back sounds absolutely absurd. And yet, it works. In fact, it often works where everything else you’ve tried in the past has failed. Here are three reasons why.

1) Absence Does Make Hearts Fonder

There’s something about not being surrounded by memories, flooded by emotions, and constantly exposed to someone that makes it easier to look past the negative associations and see the positive. Once enough time has passed, the memories of arguments, fights, disagreements, and even petty annoyances fade. All that’s left are the good memories and a sense of what she really does miss about you and your relationship.

2) Time Heals Old Wounds

Even if things ended badly between you and things were said that shouldn’t have been, time has an amazing way of soothing wounds and healing broken hearts. You’ll be amazed by the types of wounds that can be healed when enough time is allowed to pass. Your ex can forgive the little things as well as the big things — even cheating. But, you have to be willing to allow the right amount of time to pass to allow that to happen. And, the bigger the grievance, the longer time will need to pass before she’s truly had time to heal.

3) She Can’t Understand What She’s Lost Until It’s Truly Gone

She’ll never understand what she’s missing out on without you in her life if you’re a constant presence in her life. It’s as simple as that. She’s never going to take you back if she gets all the benefits of your presence, support, love, and friendship, without being required to return those things. Take a break. Step away. Don’t answer when she calls. Then, wait. Wait for her to call you. Because one day she’ll realize what she’s lost and be ready to call you.

There is a trick to make this work though. You have to take a hard line about it. I’m not saying you need to go out of your way to avoid her forever, though it’s a good idea for a little while. You need to give her time and space. You need to wait long enough for her to start remembering the good and forgetting the bad. Most importantly, you need to give you both time to figure out what you want from the relationship and each other the second time around. Then, when the second chance arrives you need to take the time to make sure you’re both on the same page about your expectations for the future.

buddypress instalation problem

September 27, 2012

hi everyone. am new here. i have instaled wordpress on a wamp server and lately i have added a buddypress plug in. the problem occurs when i try to run the buddypress instalation wizard. when i reach the fourth step, instead of getting the theme option, am getting a table with an error message on it. am somehow confused since i cant be able to make sense of the details there. can anyone help me out here. thank you.

how to register followers

April 7, 2012

hey people, am new here and i just started a blog. i dont know how to register my friends and still remain in controll of my site…anyone?

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